MetCon for 4.9

Take advantage of this beautiful spring weather and hit this metcon outside!

4 rounds:

  • Sled push, 50 yards
  • Barbell Lunge, 50 yards
  • Sprint, 50 yards

Weights used:

  • Sled: Men, 140lbs (2x45lbs + 2x25lbs); Women, 90lbs (2x45lbs)
  • Barbell Lunge: Men, 95lbs; Women, 65lbs

To set up: Set the barbell 50 yards away from the sled. Push the sled to the barbell. Clean and press the barbell to position it on your back, and lunge back to the starting point. Set the barbell down, and sprint back to the sled. That's one round!

Scaling options:

Do not reduce the sled weight unless you cannot complete a single 50 yard push without stopping. It doesn't matter if you have to go slowly! 

Reduce the weight on the barbell as needed, but again — only if you cannot complete a single 50 yard pass without stopping. 

Mike Doolittle