MetCon for 4.12

Center-line stability is the name of the game in this workout.

Tabata, 20/10, 12 rounds:

  • Front Squat
  • Overhead Squat
  • Plank

You'll cycle through these three exercises four times, for 12 total rounds. That's only a six-minute workout, and it will be a really, really tough six minutes. This Tabata circuit has virtually no rest; setting the bar down between the front and overhead squats will more or less just add a clean to the rest period; and the ten-second rest should be just long enough to get into position for the plank, then upon completion immediately clean the bar into the rack position for front squats. 

The combination of rapid systemic fatigue and a high demand for core stability makes this an especially difficult metcon. 

Recommended weights: Men, 75lbs; Women, 45lbs.

Mike Doolittle