MetCon for 4.28

Today's workout is focused on grip development, and if you haven't done much grip training it's going to be a killer!

3 Rounds, for time:

  • Barbell Hang Power Snatches, 10 reps [suggested: 95lbs Men, 55lbs Women]
  • Pull-Ups [Strict, from dead hang], 10 reps
  • Bumper Plate Farmer's Walk, 50 feet

It's much harder to hold on to a pair of bumper plates than you might imagine, particularly when supersetting with two other grip-intensive exercises. Try starting with 25lb plates. You must hold the bumpers by the edges — never by the holes!

The pull-ups can be done with bands if necessary for assistance, but no kipping is allowed. Each rep must be chin over bar in order to count. 

Mike Doolittle