MetCon for 4.15

The weekend is almost here!

3 Rounds:

  • Overhead barbell lunges, 25 yards
  • Medicine Ball Squat Cleans, 21-15-9
  • Bar Muscle-Ups, 21-15-9

Each round begins with 25 yards of the overhead lunge. Men should use 95lbs; women, 65lbs. Immediately following the lunges, you'll do squat cleans (men 20lbs, women 10lbs), followed by muscle-ups. The reps on the squat cleans and muscle ups decrease each round (in other words, don't do 21-15-9 all in one round!).

Scaling options:

The bar muscle up is a very advanced move; bar dips are an acceptable substitute, and a resistance band can be used to assist with strength.  

As always these weights are guidelines, not prescriptions. Reduce or add weight as needed depending on your skill level and training goals. 


Mike Doolittle