Team Training

2019 classes begin Monday, January 14th

Styrka Team Training combines barbell-based strength training, metabolic conditioning, and bodybuilding-style accessory work for a program that will get you strong, lean, and athletic.


Strength Training

At Styrka, we believe strength training is the foundation of any effective exercise program. And our favorite tool to develop strength and muscle is the most tried and true of all—the barbell. In Team Training, you’ll master the squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, row, and more. These movements will form the foundation of your program.


Metabolic Conditioning

Team Training utilizes monostructrual cardio (rowing, biking, running), kettlebells, steel maces, battle ropes, sleds, jump ropes, and more to deliver high-intensity interval training designed to rev your metabolism so you’re building muscle and melting bodyfat.



Every Team Training workout finishes with bodybuilding accessory work to sculpt your physique and strengthen ancillary muscles to reduce your risk of injury.

About Team Training

  • Team Training is billed monthly. There are no sign-up fees or long-term commitments. Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

  • Each class is limited to 8 athletes to ensure every participant receives the coaching guidance they need.

  • Track your progress with TrueCoach, a powerful free app.

  • Classes are at 7am and 9am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  • 2019 classes begin Monday, January 14th

  • Enroll by December 31st, and receive 20% off your first month with the checkout code TAKE20