Strength Camp

Small-group functional strength development
Classes begin Monday, April 1st!

We developed Strength Camp with one goal: to help you get stronger. At Styrka, we believe that strength is the foundation of any successful fitness program - you’ll move better, burn fat faster, and feel your best. We’re going to use the same techniques we use to train elite powerlifters to show you how to be as strong as possible.


Master the fundamentals

Our programming focuses on skilled execution of the fundamental barbell lifts: the squat, the deadlift, and the bench press. We’ll be incorporating a suite of accessory exercises as well to ensure you’re getting a complete strength and conditioning program.


Clear instruction from experienced coaches

Movements like the squat and deadlift are deceptively simple. There are techniques that separate elite lifters from the rest - achieving consistent depth, using the full effective range of motion, setting up correctly, and bracing properly. We’re going to build your skill from the ground up so that your technique is your greatest asset. You’ll lift more weight, and you’ll do it safely.


Simple, effective programming

You can use Strength Camp as a standalone program, or enhance your metabolic conditioning or endurance workouts by setting aside time for dedicated strength development. Our programming is simple and effective - we’re not “chasing fatigue”; we’re helping you develop strength. That means planned, consistent progression and strict adherence to our standards of technique.

Classes begin Monday, April 1st

Each week will consist of three workouts: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Classes will be held from 5:15pm-6:00pm. Classes are limited to 12 participants to ensure maximum individual attention.

Two ways to pay - Monthly installments of $99, or save with three-month blocks at $269.

Monthly installments:

Three-month block: