Lindsay Morgan


I have pursued health and physical excellence for most of my life through sports, martial arts, Crossfit, and yoga.  I am passionate about strength and mobility training, not just for sport or aesthetics, but for life and all that it throws at you. Training for strength and skill has led me to value what my body can do over what it looks like. My goal is to share this knowledge with my clients: being strong is more fun than being pretty. My approach is to address mobility and postural issues first, build a base of strength second, and then finally throw in speed, intensity, & complex skills. I am a fan of intelligent progressions to gradually transform your body so that you can achieve your goals. I have been vegan since 2011, and am a member of Plantbuilt Vegan Muscle Team. We are a team of about 50 athletes from around the world who compete together to show people that you can be a successful strength athlete on a completely plant-based diet, and we also fundraise for animal sanctuaries.


-Strength Training


-Plant-based Nutrition