Kate MacDonald


Kate MacDonald has been a public figure in the fitness community for the past number of years as a private trainer, fitness personality and model. Kate has been transforming peoples lives through fitness since 2012. With her expertise and unique training style she is able to assist and accommodate a wide variety of individuals regardless of their goals and physical limitations.

“ ”There is no quick fix. If you want complete and permanent change you’re going to have to completely and permanently change”.

Kate's philosophy is a total mind and body transformation. "You have to get to the root of the problem. You can pop diet pills and eat packets of food dust, but as soon as you stop and go back to eating normally- whatever results you got will be gone. Nobody wants to live on diet pills. We need to train our bodies to work as efficient machines so that we can enjoy those cupcakes now and then and not worry about counting every calorie!". Sometimes, this means re-learning everything you thought you knew about nutrition and exercise. It means kicking old habits and adopting new ones willingly. It's completely adjusting your focus and mindset so that it aligns with what your heart wants and having the willpower to make it happen.

Kate has had the opportunity to work with some of the top professional athletes and strength coaches in the USA & Canada and has been published in various magazine publications over the past number of years as both a fitness professional and model. 

She has been fortunate enough to have experienced many sides of the fitness industry- from supplement manufacturing and distribution to private training, fitness modeling, bikini competitions and even being a spokes-model and sponsored athlete for a globally recognized sports nutrition company. 

Based out of Los Angeles, Kate provides fitness services to individual clients as well as corporate clients internationally. She also frequents national and internationally broadcast television and radio shows to talk about healthy living and how you can transform and increase your quality of life. 

In addition, Kate has authored of a brand new series of cookbooks called "Trainer Approved" which focuses on how to eat healthy without sacrificing flavor (find this online and in select retailers summer 201) and is a pioneer in revolutionary fitness grading systems (www.fitgrades.com).and owner of Jellyroll Apparel.


To book a session with Kate: katemfitness@gmail.com