What is Styrka?

Styrka [“steer-kah” (Swedish) — Meaning: Strength]

Founded in 2016, Styrka is Tulsa’s premiere destination for strength coaching and personal training. Our clients range from world-class powerlifters to novices who simply want to lose weight and feel their best. Our experienced coaches are experts in functional strength training with tried-and-true tools of the trade: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, macebells, sleds, battle ropes, and more. At Styrka, you will not find rows of hi-tech machines; you’ll find only the highest quality functional strength equipment and a staff with the expertise to help you achieve your goals quickly and safely.

You don’t have to be physically strong to begin your journey with us. By taking the brave first step to take control of your health and fitness, you’ve already proved your credentials. Begin with a complimentary consultation, or dive in with 3 one-on-one personal training sessions for just $99.


One-On-One Personal Training
From $449 / month

Personal training is the most tried and true method for achieving results quickly and safely. Our experienced trainers are with you every step of the way, to keep you accountable and push you to be your best.


Online Coaching
From $99 / month

Online coaching is a more affordable and flexible alternative to one-on-one personal training. Delivered through state of the art software, online training allows your coach to provide daily feedback and video analysis for each and every workout, and meticulously track your progress using metrics tailored to your goals. Online coaching can be done on its own, or in conjunction with personal training.


24-Hour Open Gym
From $35/month

In addition to our coaching services, Styrka offers 24/7 access to our gym, 365 days a year. We provide a generous array of amenities including a free WiFi, a kitchenette, a fully stocked shower, towels, and complimentary educational workshops.

Schedule your complimentary consultation

Consultations are always free. We strongly believe in no-pressure sales; our job is to help you find an option that best suits your needs, goals, and budget.

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6939 East 71st Street
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Try 3 personal training sessions for $99

Ready to dive in? First-time customers can purchase 3 personal training sessions for just $99. This is a perfect option if you’d like to try before you buy, or even just to get started on the right path when you add a 24/7 membership.