Classes & Workshops

We offer a variety of small-group classes and complimentary educational workshops for both members and guests.

Small Group Classes

Small group classes are conducted by Styrka's personal trainers—a gym membership is not required to participated. 


Women in the Weight Room

Led by personal trainer Dani Krishka, Women in the Weight Room is a recurring small group class that takes women of all fitness levels through a guided strength training workout. Dani covers technique, nutrition, and fosters a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 

Spots for Women in the Weight Room are limited to ensure maximum individual attention. To sign up, visit Dani's website using the button below:


Tulsa Parkour

Aaron Waken leads classes for kids and young adults that teach foundations of natural movement and parkour. 

Parkour integrates jumping, running, climbing, vaulting, quadrupedal movement, rolling, and more. It can be done in urban spaces or in nature. With Tulsa Parkour, Aaron provides a safe learning environment that delivers a fun and uniquely challenging fitness experience. To sign up, visit Tulsa Parkour:


Educational Workshops

Workshops are monthly seminars that are free for Styrka members and affordable for guests. Past instructors have included Drs. Michael Van Antwerp and John Keefe of Zova, Olympic weightlifter Shane Hamman, movement specialist Aaron Baulch, and ISKA world heavyweight kickboxing champion Randy "Boom Boom" Blake. Visit us to learn about upcoming workshops!

Women's self-defense workshop with ISKA kickboxing champion Randy "Boom Boom" Blake

Women's self-defense workshop with ISKA kickboxing champion Randy "Boom Boom" Blake

Looking for Alternatives to Small-Group Classes? Check out Our Personal Training and Virtual Coaching.