Barbell Foundations

Barbell Foundations is a small group personal training course designed to develop total body, functional strength using the most powerful, versatile strength training tool ever developed: the barbell.

Headed by Styrka owner and head coach Mike Doolittle, a NASM-certified trainer with 15 years experience, you’ll master the foundational barbell lifts like squats, deadlifts, and presses along with accessory exercises such as rows, pull-ups, hip thrusts for a complete strength and conditioning program.


Master the Fundamentals

If you want to build muscle and burn bodyfat, you’ve got to get stronger. And to get stronger, you need great technique, consistent training, and smart programming. We’ll ensure you’re performing every lift with perfect technique by providing detailed instruction, a science-based explanation of each lift, and close supervision through each workout.

Our goal in Barbell Foundations isn’t just to give you a challenging workout—it’s to provide education that will last you a lifetime.


Prevent Injury

The long term success of your program hinges on your ability to reduce the risk of injury. That’s why Barbell Foundations isn’t just barbell training—we’ll cover stabilization, mobility, core activation, and proper warm-ups so that you can lift pain-free.


Track your Workouts with Train Heroic

Every workout you’ll be able to log every set, rep, and weight so you can plan your progression and cut out the guess. You can easily view past workouts and look up weights you used in individual exercises. Our app is free, very easy to use, and compatible with both iPhone and Android.

Classes are held every weekday at noon, and begin Monday, November 5th. Enroll by November 1st and get unlimited classes for just $99 a month!